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Complete Landscape Maintenance

We care for every part of your landscape

Tall greenery, decorative gardens, turf, irrigation, anything landscape you need - we do it or refer you to a specialist. We offer a complete range of landscape maintenance services including lawn aeration, thatching, fertilization, and grub/pest control. 

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✓ Offer 100% Electric, 0-emission, gas or hybrid options
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Some Clients We Contract With

We work with the State of California, the United States Federal Government in California, Private Businesses, and Private Communities. 

Better Equipment. Better Landscapers. Better Service.

 You enjoy quieter, greener care from by an experienced, insured, licensed and bonded staff led by a C-27 Landscape contractor.

"I learned landscape maintenance at a young age and was part of a maintenance crew for my football coaches' business during summers in high school. I have seen the positive impact of a well designed, installed, and groomed landscape and am inspired by how influential a beautifully kept landscape can be. I want to maintain a landscape that makes your guests feel enriched. My passion is taking care of landscapes in the most sustainable, quiet, and environmentally friendly way possible, because why not have a service that really cares about you, your guests and the environment?" 


✓ Insured & Bonded

✓ Workman's Compensation Policy Holder

✓ California State University of Humboldt Graduate

✓ Government Contractor

✓ Certified small business number: 200-5350

✓ Pest Control Licensed Business

Skyler Brady, Owner SkyLandscape
Contractor: 1003146
130 Market Place unit 136
San Ramon CA 94583


Zero emissions.

The difference is considerable. Our quieter workforce allows you to go about your day uninterrupted, without fumes, gas, or oil spills. It's good for the environment and good for you!

We offer 100% electric powered mowing, trimming, pruning and blowing plus any custom projects you might have in order to beautify your space in the most healthy, holistic, and ethical way possible for you, us and everyone. 

Exhaust seen and unseen from regular gas-powered equipment can linger and impact the health of everyone. Choose better for your landscape, choose a service that values health.

Some of our electric powered equipment is shown below. It's more expensive than gas equipment but the increase in value is worth it.